Living Sacrifice Music Festival 2019

Living Sacrifice Music Festival was a ministry class project lead by Josh Poole at Huntington University. I designed the logo, graphics, advertisements, and video promos for the event; creating a cohesive and eye-catching brand. I also organized and managed the production for the event, including a JBL SRX PA consisting of 4 tops and 8 subs powered by a MIDAS M32, as well as video projected on a 12 foot screen and stage lighting. Living Sacrifice took place in the Field House gymnasium on the campus of Huntington University. My team loaded in the event in five hours, including power distribution and all equipment to support five local artists. I ran FOH audio throughout the night. The weeks prior, I organized equipment that was donated for the event, as well as figured out logistical problems such as scheduling and power distribution. All time and equipment was donated. Below are the assets I prepared, as well as images of the event and drawings and renders I designed beforehand.

Living Sacrifice Logo
Social Media Icon
Facebook Banner
Social Media Advertisement Image
Flyer that was posted around HU campus.
Band cover image for Ignite Worship, Emmanuel Community Church’s youth worship team, who lead at the event.
Video Promo For Ignite Worship
Cabling diagram to prepare for load-in ahead of time.
Lighting pre-visualization
Stage layout pre-visualization, including final speaker and lighting placement.
Load-in at the Field House
Final stage layout.
Image taken during the event, showing off the video and lighting,

Software Used:

  • ProPresenter 6
  • Reaper DAW
  • ONYX
  • Shure Wireless Workbench

Equipment Used:

  • MIDAS M32
  • 4 Top, 8 Sub JBL SRX PA System
  • Shure QLXD Wireless
  • 8.5k Lumen Panasonic Projector
  • 12′ DALite Screen
  • LED Lighting