Headrush 2019

Headrush is the winter youth retreat at Emmanuel Community Church where over 200 students and leaders go to Camp Michindoh in Michigan for a weekend of worship, teaching, and fellowship. I coordinated production, including sourcing equipment and volunteers. All my time was volunteered as well. The PA used was a JBL SRX system, with 2 tops and 4 subs powered by the MIDAS M32. Once loaded in, I also tuned the system using an RTA mic. This allowed a full sound with no feedback despite the shallow stage. I mixed FOH audio and also did all lighting design, powered by Obsidian Control ONYX on a touchscreen PC.

First session of the weekend, Friday night.
Short video clip of the worship time during the first session. I was mixing FOH.

Software Used:

  • ProPresenter 6
  • Reaper DAW
  • Shure Wireless Workbench
  • ONYX

Equipment Used:

  • MIDAS M32
  • 2 Top, 4 Sub JBL PRX PA System
  • Shure QLXD Wireless
  • LED Lighting