Glory (Let There Be Peace)

As we approached our Christmas Eve services at Emanuel this year, we spent lots of time considering how to make the service special for all the families participating at home. I had the idea to take a song we were planning and record it in a barn, brining the story within the song alive and creating something special even at home. This project consisted of a primary video recording in our Worship Center. This is where we captured all audio and some video. Then, we took camera and lighting equipment to a barn (on a freezing Wednesday evening) and recorded five takes of the song with three cameras. This gave us tons of shots to pick from when editing. Then, I sat down and mixed/mastered the song. After the final mix, I lead the main edit, time aligning and splicing together camera shots to tell a compelling story.

Barn during load-in
Barn setup before we recorded
A total of 20 camera feeds to edit together, both from our Worship Center and the barn.
Editing the Christmas Eve service in our edit suite.

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