ECC Easter 2020 Virtual Choir

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we were unable to gather in-person for our normal Easter worship celebration at Emmanuel Community Church. This introduced new challenges as our team brainstormed ways to make the service special, as a celebration, and to make people feel united as one body, even though everyone was worshipping in their own home. We had the idea to do a virtual choir, where we would provide practice material and tracks, and anyone could submit their video to be part of the Easter service.

I found a service called addpipe that allowed us to provide a recorder embed on our website that participants used to submit the video. Once we had all the videos, our director of videography to the videos and I took the audio. I aligned and mixed all the voices together, creating a united choir. I then put this mixed track into Ableton with the rest of our tracks. Ableton also cued the video, allowing us to record everything at once with minimal editing. I also mixed the final audio in the video.

Easter Virtual Choir from 2020 Easter Online at Emmanuel Community Church